Sunday, August 6, 2006

Fly Girl

My friend Cath (that's her in the pic) and I went for a quick flight Saturday. It was a typical hot August day in Texas - the car thermometer insisted it was 103 deg F. However, the car was in the shade, so it may have been a bit confused. She had not flown her plane recently, and asked me to tag along. The sky was hazy from the heat and drought, and the land was brown, brown. We flew over Bridgeport Lake, about an hour west of Fort Worth, and could see the weekend skiers enjoying some respite the weather. Did I mention it was HOT?? Very HOT!

We also flew over some of my work sites that were in the area. For my friends who ask 'what do you do' - here's a picture of a typical gas plant. I build these, or rather, I coordinate and facilitate designers, construction, engineers, and the other hundred people it takes to build one of these. Hey, it's a living.

Catherine is a wonderful woman, a devoted mother, a brilliant engineer, fun, and beautiful (think Halle Berry). Thanks for the ride, girlfriend!

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