Saturday, January 27, 2007

I Rock, I Rule: I'm Totally Cool


"Who rocks? Who's your mama?"

"Did you get it?"

"I DID. Who rules?"


How else can a middle-aged single mom totally impress her almost 19-year-old son? You know, the one that has been too cool to be seen in public with her within the Continental United States since he was 15. The one who rolls his eyes when she tries to explain to him that a LOT of teens would be GLAD to have a mom who was a cool, smart, skepchick.

Yes, that one.

I attended the Amaz!ng Meeting last weekend in in Las Vegas (TAM5 to initiates, and the fiefdom of James "the Amazing" Randi, You can read all about TAM at that site, at,,, and many other places. Do so. This post is rather about some guests I got to meet.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone ("the South Park dudes") were invited to a Q&A session moderated by Penn Gillette (Penn & Teller). Why were two cartoonists at a conference of skeptics and scientists? Well, as one of them said during the session (paraphrasing) "When we hear some of this stuff, we're like, we're TOTALLY taking them down!" Witness their episodes on Scientology, Katrina, Mormonism, New Age mysticism, evolution, and...pretty much anything and everything. They are equal-opportunity lampooners.

Even though they are frequently mobbed by their fans, they graciously stayed around for a bit to sign autographs and pose for pictures. I'm not a celebrity-junkie, but the opportunity to do something that would ACTUALLY IMPRESS MY TEEN was something that I could not pass up. So I present(drum roll): Evidence!

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