Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Junior Skepchicks at Work!

From the Odessa (Texas) High School newspaper. Two young women I am mentoring in the skepticism. They attended the James Randi Educational Foundation annual conference ("The Amaz!ng Meeting"), and their school did a write-up. That's me (the old lady) in the picture. Way to go, girls! (Click on picture to enlarge enough to read it). The girls were a bit fuzzy on the facts - It's James Randi, not James Randy, and it was not sponsored by the Skeptic Society, which is headed by Dr Michael Shermer. However, Dr. Shermer was a speaker at TAM. But, the essence is here.


  1. I can't believe they didn't mention the gentleman who - in a remarkable display of social juggling - managed to adroitly step away from the VIP whom he was minding and shove a 20 penny nail up his nose without causing insult to the aforementioned VIP's sensibilities.

  2. I've had this friggin blog for 10 months, and this is the first comment I've ever received!

  3. Thats really noble that you are mentoring young people, especially in our fundamentalist theocratic state.

    -mindcore from myspace